Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Death by Nutella

Nutella is delicious. It is. I really enjoy it.

Today, however, my Nutella committed a crime. It killed.

Actually it was kind of amusing. I needed a snack halfway between lunch and dinner and made myself a piece of toast and then spread Nutella on it. (If you don't know what Nutella is, stop reading this, go buy some, eat a spoonful and then come back. I can wait.)

While I was eating my Nutella I decided to go and ask my dad if there was anything he needed me to do. Since he was in the back yard grilling the ENORMOUS turkey we were going to eat for dinner I took my Nutella goodness out back with me.

As I was walking down the driveway a moth or something flew full force toward my face as I was taking a bite of my snack. At first I was startled and then very afraid it had flown into my mouth. As I was making sure I hadn't eaten the bug I pulled the Nutella bread away from my face and immediately noticed that the bug was stuck to my toast. Wings stuck with the body out, legs flailing trying to get free.

So I did my best to try and free the poor thing. Transferred it from the toast to the grass and then tried to clean it up with the napkin I was holding. Which was difficult because that stuff is STICKY.

However I went back to check a while later and although at first I thought it had survived due to a bug-sized Nutella track I found it motionless a few inches away, still covered in Nutella.

I'm sorry little bug for your unfortunate run-in with my midday snack. I have a feeling you didn't enjoy the Nutella today as much as I did.

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