Sunday, June 6, 2010

The joy of summer

Last night I went to my cousin Zach's graduation party. There were people there from both sides of his family and a bunch of friends and church people. So I only recognized a third of the people there. But it was a good time anyway.

There were a bunch of people playing in the pool last night and there were also a fair amount of water balloons floating around. As I was sitting in a ridiculously comfortable lawn chair watching the party I kept being drawn to one particular little girl. I don't know if she was a cousin from the other side or a neighborhood kid, but she couldn't have been more than 7 or 8, if that. She was wearing water wings and a little kid innertube around her waist.

At one point she got out of the pool, ran to the back corner of the backyard and got a water balloon, all while wearing the water wings and trying to keep the inner tube around her waist. After getting the water ballon she ran back to the pool while letting go a screetch of pure delight. And she had a look of pure joy on her face while she was holding that water ballon.

It was a good reminder that while I may not be at camp full time for the first time in MANY summers, summer is still a magical time of year, filled with surprises, adventures and joys of all kinds.

Even if this summer is starting out with taking care of my brother who currently has a temp of 103* and wondering if we'll even leave for our first family vacation today. (Prayers appreciated)

Oh! And my cousin Zach's girlfriend asked about my Stop Sex Trafficking tshirt so I got to educate a few more people about the devastating reality about modern day slavery. Go to if you haven't yet already!

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