Thursday, June 2, 2011

Evil makes my tummy hurt.

I re-watched The Diary of Anne Frank over the past couple of days. The one done by ABC several years ago. From the moment they were taken from the Annex, and even more so from the moment Anne and Mr. Frank were separated upon stepping off the train my tummy hurt. Literally.

Although I was feeling completely outraged at what was happening on the screen I was even more upset knowing that there is still evil going on right now. I was only watching one depiction of it.

It made me start to really think about what I've signed up for for the next 3 years. (If you haven't heard I've been accepted as a Mission Intern through GBGM. You can find more information about the program here.) Since it is a social-justice ministry program I know I'll be working in some way with people who are working toward social justice. Which means I will be working on the opposite side of some kind of evil. Why shouldn't unfair housing issues be any less angering to us than genocide? Evil is evil is evil, is it not?

Some of the questions that came up were things like "What kind of program might I be working with?" "What if I have to face an oppressor and completely lose it?" "Will I even be able to relate to the people I'm supposed to be helping (I've never felt all that oppressed...)?" "What if there are children involved, will I just want to cry all the time?"

It's a big deal. But then I remember I'm going to be trained. And I remember that the world isn't overtaken by evil, that there is a good side. I remember that the reason I wanted to watch Anne Frank in the first place is because I just finished reading The Freedom Writers Diary There are people making a difference. I hope I'm about to become one of them.

On a more fun and exciting note, I also realized this week that I have brothers and sisters all over the globe. I sat at a table last Thursday or so with Franzi from Germany on my left and Kate from Thailand on my right. Franzi was here as an exchange student my junior year of high school and is visiting for a few weeks during one of her school breaks. Kate is a current exchange student finishing up her year here and is living with the same wonderful woman who hosted Franzi.

As I sat there the three of us talked about cultural differences and similarities. I watched as Kate asked Franzi if it was ok for her to eat with her fingers and Franzi as Kate if it was ok for her to use her knife. We talked about the silly things Americans do, how Kate's year here has been, what Franzi remembers most about her year here. It was so enjoyable that I actually lost track of the conversation at one point because I was thinking abou thow international my afternoon seemed to become.

So inconclusion I guess that I would have to say that although I am saddened by the injustices that I know have gone on and will continue to go on in the world they move me to action. That I am very blessed to have so many friends around the globe and that I am anxious yet very much excited about what the next 3 years will bring.

Franzi and I after WWHS Graduation.

P.S. Once I find out where I'm going with GBGM I will be starting a new blog and/or website. Check back for details.

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  1. YAAAAAY I'm excited you got in with GBGM!!!!! You are tot living the life I wish I could have. I'm sure you will do absolutely amazing with it. God wouldn't have led you here if it wasn't meant to be. He is awesome and will get you through everything and you will kick butt fighting off injustice :)