Thursday, May 21, 2009

Still Alive!

Hey there! Didn't realize I'd been gone so long. Hopw you all didn't miss me too much ;)

I've been busy the last week and a half or so job hunting/applying. I'm trying to find something for when camp ends. it's been going fairly well actually, I've already heard back from a bunch of people and have a phone interview this afternoon.

Of course everything I'm applying for is entry-level so I'm going to have to get really good at keeping an incredibly close eye on my finances for the next few years, but that shouldn't be too huge an issue. It's not like I'm a shop-a-holic or anything.

The search also could become much more narrow by the beginning of next week. I went apartment hunting yesterday with my best friend and we put a hold on a place until next Tuesday. So I have less than a week to decide if I want to commit to staying in this general area for at least a year or if I want to set off on my own right away. Or if I want to stay in my parents house.

So it's been going well, but there have been more important things vying for my attention than blogging. But that, anyway, is what's up with me!


  1. In order to win the best jobs and ultimately your dream job in today's world, you have to work like a ninja. Your job search must be different than everyone else's. You have to search where others don't search. You must have a strategic plan of attack.

  2. Thanks for the hint.... JobSearchNinja.

  3. Ummmm ... maybe I'm pastorfriendsurrogatedadninja! Follow your heart and do work you'll love and the money will work itself out. It's better to do with less or to work another mcjob than to be miserable 8 hrs a day!