Tuesday, July 28, 2009

As promised....

An update! I'm not sure how exciting that really is because I have no idea who might actually try and keep up with me and who doesn't. (That's a hint to start leaving comments ;)

Anyway! Camp. That's where I've been. The LIT group was large and crazy and hormone-riddled but over all a great group of kids. Then we had Teen Extreme which was a week long camp in West Virginia. It was pretty sweet. A little sad that the mountain biking people didn't know we were coming but hey, it all worked itself out. Or maybe I worked it out, I am the coordinator after all. Plus the climbing/rappelling and rafting were all stellar so no complaints. Right before getting on the highway to head back to Ohio the bus did start to freak out, but not for long and we all got back safe and sound so it's all good.

Then this week's trip to WV got cancelled because there were only 3 kids signed up for the trip, which a super big bummer because it was easily the sweetest trip we had scheduled - Rock and Raft - a whole week of rock climbing and rafting. I know I was looking forward to it, but alas. It's actually a good thing though because it gives me time to continue the job hunt and attempt to get things in order for a supposed move next month.

Next week is Saddle Paddle (Rafting and horseback riding) which has potential, although I think Rock and Raft would have been sweeter. The good thing is going to be that I'm not going to have to buy and cook all the food all week, the ranch is feeding us. Although that is kind of sad because I like cooking and I like being in charge of food so that I'll know it'll be good, but it was a drag to be the only counselor who knew how to cook. It's been interesting. But after Saddle Paddle I'm done because I won't be staying for the ADA camp. Although I'll probably need the money I feel as though the time to get things even more squared away will be more valuable, especially since my family is headed out on it's first FAMILY VACATION in a very long time shortly after camp wraps up. And I'm uber excited about that - my family is pretty cool and I like hanging out with them.

Other than camp life has been pretty decent. I'm keeping in touch with people fairly well, although that's not too huge a change. I feel as though it would be harder if I hadn't transferred a few years ago. As in if I had spent the full 4 years of my college experience in one place I would probably be freaking out right now because I would know that I wouldn't be rejoining all my friends next month or the month after at school. However I've done that and I've been talking to people constantly. And in doing that have already become super excited for the next few months ahead. I'm really going to try and make it out to Seattle to hang out with my very best two man friends - Mike and Dave - since Mike lives there and Dave will be there on tour in October, so that could be a lot of fun if I can scrape enough money together to actually go. Then there's a student show at IWU also in October that I'm going to try and hit up. Finally I have a few more friends planning on moving to Chicago to join the friends and family I already have up there, so I'll probably try and go up eventually, again all of it depending on how my bank account is looking.

And that, my friends, is going to depend on me finding a job. Fortunately I apparently look really good on paper because I've heard back from every place I've applied and the only "no" answers have been because they've filled the position and forgotten to take the posting off line. Everyone else has asked for more information/references and/or invited me for an interview. I had an interview yesterday actually and it was my second one for that position and it's now between me and one other person. So although the hunt continues it's looking rather promising and I'm so grateful for that.

I think that's about it from this corner of the universe....

Until next time: stay in school, do your homework, paddle more whitewater and whatever you do, don't feed the small children copious amounts of sugar!!

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