Saturday, July 4, 2009

Vampire Mosquito

I think I got bitten by a vampire mosquito. No joke. The right side of my neck has a small, extremely itchy bump and it's been there for over a week. I might just turn into a mosquito tonight myself and go and find someone to bite. That's how the whole vampire thing works, right? I get bitten and then am eternally doomed to do the same to others. Maybe that's werewolves. Either way my neck itches and it's annoying.

I've had the entire week off and I'm currently having incredibly mixed feelings about going back to work come tomorrow afternoon. This week has been pretty good. I went and volunteered at the camp I worked at for the past three summers and got to hang out and be a fairly helpful extra set of hands for the first half of the week. It was great getting to see everyone, and I was there when quite a few campers I knew were around too so that was especially nice. Then some of that camp staff came to Cincy and we went to the rainy Red's game this afternoon.

Other than that the week has been spent chillin', sleepin', and getting schedules ready for the next group of kids that come my way. I also got to hang out with some friends from high school, ended up having a DTR conversation with a friend and spent entirely too much time on the internets.

The kids I get Sunday will be staying for two weeks and we're going whitewater rafting over the weekend. It should be a good time. Kind of bummed about the working weekend, but since I'm getting paid to whitewater raft I think I'll take it. I have plenty of weekends ahead of me. The other change is that I'm going to have two co-counselors instead of just one with me which should be interesting but a nice change of pace.

OH, and I had an incredibly promising interview on Wednesday evening and got told on Thursday morning by my eye doctor that my vision has actually IMPROVED over the past year. The past week has been full of things and I'm pretty excited to see where the next few weeks takes me (besides whitewater rafting that is).


  1. Whoa whoa whoa - you tried to just glaze over the "ended up having a DTR conversation with a friend" bit there. Sounds like a possibly interesting story. :)

  2. oh snap. I did, didn't I. Silly me.

    Give me a few weeks to process on my own and then I'll call?