Tuesday, January 5, 2010


My parents bought me a new copy of Catherine Marshall's book Christy for Christmas, and also the complete series that once ran on television. Needless to say I've spent a good bit of time since Christmas watching some of the episodes.

I'm not sure when I'll re-read the book again but I'm glad I got a replacement, I've read my original copy enough times that some of the pages are falling out.

The main point of this though, is that I love the story and the characters. It's set in the mountains of Cutter Gap, TN where a young girl moves from her home in Ashville, NC to go teach the children of Cutter Gap. It's like it's own universe. It's like Christy (the young school teacher) has stepped back in time.

In reading and watching this story I realize how strongly I myself seem to be called to the mountains. Just the outdoors in genearl. The families in Cutter Gap live day to day, moment to moment.

Winter Camp was a great week. Perhaps it's the kairos kind of schedule still wearing away after last week, or perhaps the foothills of South Eastern Ohio that tugged so strongly at my spirit but I long to live where I can be in the mountains, just living moment to moment.

I think I'd fit in well in West Virginia.

Thank goodness I was a Rec Major. We're much more kairos time scheduled people than the strict chronos schedules of a classroom.

Oh what great adventures lie ahead.


  1. I don't think you'd fit in well in West Virginia, unless you like incest. Just kidding. I miss you Steelerpants, and as always I look forward to our next get together. Love ya!

  2. I'd just go for the rafting.

  3. Love Christy. I remember you telling me about the story at Chrysalis...I had no clue then! :) You and the mountains -- makes sense to me. Love you!