Saturday, January 23, 2010

Just $1 a day

That's the average amount it takes, worldwide, to feed a child for an entire day. My breakfast alone usually costs between $3-5.

I've been learning recently that world hunger isn't in anyway a lack-of-food problem. In fact there's more than enough food on this planet to give each person something like 4.5 pounds of food a day. And that's quite a bit of food if I'm remembering correctly from the time when I backpacked carrying all my food for the week around on my back. No, world hunger isn't a shortage of food problem, it's a distribution problem. And in many cases a political problem.

Food is used as a weapon. But who are the ones suffering the most? Women and children. And what is your country gaining by letting your women and children die from malnutrition and all that comes with it? It's infuriating.

26,000 children die EVERY DAY from this problem. 1 child EVERY 7 SECONDS.

When I decided to set up the 30 Hour Famine event through World Vision for my youth group I thought I was just giving them a sweet new free-for-them activity and would open their eyes to the needs of the world. And sure, I am doing that. But I've also rediscovered my own passion for this problem, and my longing to see the day when it ends. There's a part of me that thinks this is the start of something new in my life. I've always known I wanted to work for a mission organization in some capacity. Perhaps this is the beginning.... who knows.

While I figure that out, though, do me a favor and go to this page and donate to World Vision to help end world hunger. And tell all your family to go and do the same. And then tell all your friends, teachers, classmated, whoever to visit too. TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE

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