Monday, April 20, 2009


Today was wet and gross and cold. Until of course all our campers were one their bus home after one whirlwind day of ropes course activities. I hate Ohio weather.

Then it started to rain again after dinner. My mom and I had some shopping to do so we braved the icky-ness and went any way.

As soon as we stepped out of the car I looked up and noticed that half the sky was cloudy and the other was really sunny. I immediately yelled "Where's the rainbow?!" because I knew that there were perfect conditions for one.

Both my mom and I did a quick scan of the sky and almost simeltaenously exlaimed "THERE IT IS!!" and both pointed to the sky. When I went to look where she was pointing she was pointing in the complete opposite direction of where I was.

We had found both ends.

I went into the store where we were and there were 2-3 workers and 2 customers in there. I made an announcement to all to immediately stop what they were all doing and go out and look at the rainbow. One of the customers was especially excited, rather quickly got up from where she was seated waiting for her friend and went outside.

Rainbow are not only pretty, but a great reminder that rain isn't all that bad. Even if it makes for an icky day on the ropes course. Not to mention a great reminder of God's promise to us and all that jazz.

Good day overall.

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