Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring Quarter

Good Morning, HEY HEY, Good Morning!!

Almost time to head out for day 3 of my internship. I feel like I've been there a week already and it's only been 2 days. That's just usually they way camp works though. If you only have campers for 3 or less days you gotta cram as much into that time span as possible. In the short time I've been there I've already learned just about everything that makes up the Challenge/Adventure program. I think that learning the OE (Outdoor Education) half of it might take just a bit longer. I'm especially excited to learn more about the Living History/Underground Railroad program and start working/acting for that.

It's fun and a little strange to be back in the Cincinnati camping scene. I'm working with two people that I've worked with before and getting all the updates on people I used to work with but am also meeting a ton of new people. I already have a great feeling about how the next two months are going to go and then I'm sure I'll be totally ready to tackle the summer. There's a good mix of familiarity and new stuff to keep me interested in what's going on at all times.

And with that I should probably finish my breakfast and get moving since I'm not yet living at camp and have to commute. Lata!

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