Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ash Wednesday

I just got home not too long ago from my church's Ash Wednesday service. Well, one of my churches.... this one being First UMC in Athens where I go to school.

It was good. I'll admit that usually every year I go to an Ash Wednesday service but it never really clicks with me what I'm doing or what I'm preparing for. It's just something that I've always done since I was little and went to church whenever my parents said we were going, you know? But tonight was different. Not in a huge, life changing, blinding light sort of way. But in a quiet, small, heart-changing kind of way. I have a serious feeling that this Lenten season will be one like no other for me, and I'm excited. A bit scared, but very excited.

My favorite part was when we were saying the Lord's prayer. There was an elderly gentleman sitting behind me and he had a very low, grandpa-like voice. Next to me were my friends Jess and Cat who both have rather sweet sounding higher-pitched voices. All around me were different people in different stages of life with different voices all repeating the same prayer. It reminded me that no matter who we are or what walk of life we are in or what kind of voice we have we all essentially believe in the same thing. There was no doubt about it - God was there tonight.

It was good.

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