Friday, February 27, 2009

Gran Torino

If you haven't already go out and watch Gran Torino. I wish I were smart enough or deep enough to write more about it, but I feel as though anything I would say just would not measure up to everything I'm feeling due to this movie, nor would I do it justice.

I will say this, however, not many movies make me tear up in the way this one did tonight.

Go see it, it will be well worth your $6.50 or however much you pay and the 2 or so hours of your time. Really, go. Then come back and tell me what you thought.


  1. So, I was at the National Pastors' Convention in San Diego and went to Bishop Willimon's workshop on Preaching. He's a big deal, a good preacher and all that. It was horrible. AND, he had the temerity to say that using movie clips in worship is a bad idea because they are made for entertainment, not for worship.

    I said, "Huh?"

    Then, Schuyler and I went to see "Gran Turino" which completely disproved all that the good Bishop had to say. There were so MANY preachable moments in that movie, not to mention the very end. Sheesh!! What's that bishop smoking?

  2. If you ever plan on using a clip from that movie for a sermon PLEASE tell me when and where. I'll drive over for it. Really.