Sunday, March 15, 2009

What a weekend

What a good weekend.

Thursday: Applebee's with Cassie, Heather and Jaime.
Friends make college what it is. I'm love these three girls. They're fun. We spent most of the evening trying to figure out where we knew our waiter from but never really figured it out. We also tried to figure out what this decade will be called once it's over. The '80s and '90s were easy but the '00s? Nothing sounds right. We also stayed up and watched Good Luck Chuck at my place. It was good times.

Friday: TNFN show, running ing to chrysalis girls, sleepover at Faith's in Pickerington, good car and falling asleep conversations with Molly.
I was sorry for Jami that not more people showed up to the Charity Gig she set up. I think most of it was probably due to timing, but she did a phenomenal job putting it together. And the bands were fun, although I will probably never be a big fan of loud concerts. I was excited to see some of the girls from the Chrysalis Flight I helped with back in January there. I love Chrysalis, but it's true that you don't really see the people from the weekend again very often, so it was fun to see them and catch up.
Of course spending time at Faith's was fun. How could it not be? We watched How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and I don't care what the other two tell you, it's still funny to me. There's just something inherently fun about staying up way past your bedtime with close friends, eating junk food and watching movies. Sharing secrets or whispered conversations in the dark while drifting off to sleep will always be one of my favorite things to do. It's comforting to know that no matter what ups and downs my friendships go through there's always going to be times when you can just talk, chill, do whatever and have fun.

Correction from above: Friends don't just make college what it is, they make life what it is. Or at least for me they do.

Saturday: more good car conversations with Molly, African Children's Choir concert in A-town with Joel and Wendy, impromptu overnight at my other home.
I love good conversations :)
The African Children's Choir was fun. Their faith and their joy astound me, especially after hearing some of their stories. I'm a so incredibly blessed to live the life I do. Yet I feel as though they feel the same way.... sort of. I really want to strive to know joy and hope like that. What a show it was.
Since I was feeling too tired to drive I ended up car pooling with my fellow show-goers as well as spending the night at their place. I love having a home away from home, and it being an actual home, not just a house with other college students but a home with a family. It's nice. I like it.

Sunday: still goin'!
So we'll see where it goes. Then it's paper writing and take-home-final-finishing so I can really be officially done with this quarter and get on to chillin', relaxin' and hangin' out before leaving town next weekend.

If you wanna hang before the end, hit me up!

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